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We have created a unique style with a modern touch!  We provide, simplicity, variety, quality, consistency and great service. We provide the personal touch from our wrapping, ribbon tying, hand written cards, to the thoughtful planning and presentation of each gift box.  We want your recipient to be wowed!


We Support Local

We believe in supporting local and many of our products are made right here in Noosa! We source products from all over Australia as well as new products from New Zealand.

Environmentally Conscious

We have sourced companies that love helping the environment such as Surfing Green,Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO and Thurlby, just to name a few.

Care Package Online

Experience the Joy of Giving by Sending a Care Package Online

What’s in a gift? A gift is a human relationship made tangible—beneath it is a complex system of social and cultural interactions. Luckily, Rapt in a Box makes this complex human ritual easy by allowing you to conveniently order a care package online. Let’s take a journey through the surprising history of gifts and gift-giving.

The Complete Package Gift Box by Rapt in a Box

Fast Facts About Gift-Giving

Throughout history, gift-giving has been an essential practice to establish human bonds. Here are some historical facts that you might not know about gift-giving:

  • A transatlantic gift. What we think of today as a care package started as something quite different. Arguably, the first care package was sent by the Cooperative Association for Relief Everywhere (originally the Cooperative for American Remittances in Europe, or CARE). Care was established in 1945 to provide aid during the aftermath of the Second World War. Private American organisations gained the right to send packages with necessities to citizens in Europe who were struggling to survive during the war. The modern equivalent still bears the hallmarks of its noble predecessor. You can show someone that you care about their wellbeing when you order a care package online.
  • Christmas before Christmas. Until the nineteenth century, most people did not celebrate Christmas in a remarkable way. Many associated gift-giving with an earlier date: the day of Saint Nicholas on the sixth of December. Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Myra (in modern-day Turkey). He is sometimes known as the original father Christmas, since he would give gold to the fathers of women who were too poor to afford a dowry.
  • A gift of giant stature. Conceived by Édouard René de Laboulaye, Lady Liberty is meant to honour the Union victory in the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery. She is a gift from the people of France to the United States. Today, she is a symbol welcoming immigrants arriving by sea—a symbol of care. On a smaller scale but with the same welcoming approach, you can show someone that you welcome their friendship with a care package in Australia.

Benefits of Sending a Care Package

A care package says that you truly value someone’s wellbeing. Here are three benefits of a care package:

  • It is flexible. A key advantage that care packages offer over a single gift is that their variety introduces flexibility. For example, if you are sending a care package to someone who has just started university, you can send various small items that both show you care and offer practical use. For example, you can order a care package with organic body wash and hand wash in lavender, vanilla, and geranium to calm and soothe the body and mind. Include a relaxing space mist with ylang ylang and lavender to ensure that the recipient can create a calm space wherever they are.
  • It maintains relationships. All relationships need some work from time to time. Carefully-managed relationships last longer and are more satisfying. Relationship maintenance is especially relevant for long distances—when the person you care about is far away, the next best thing to your presence is a symbol that demonstrates you care. You can buy a care package to show them that their health and happiness are meaningful to you.
  • It demonstrates affection. A foundational human need is the need to feel valued. When someone you care about is far away or going through a difficult time, it can be difficult to express the depth of emotion that you feel for them. Unlike a phone or video call, which lasts only a short while, the items in a care package will remind that person that you cherish them over and over.

About Rapt in a Box

What makes Rapt in a Box stand out is that we provide our customers with products of exceptional quality that are also environmentally friendly. It is our mission to reduce waste as much as we can, which is why we procure recycled cardboard boxes from Brisbane and place our items in wood wool—a material completely free of chemicals that we obtain from sustainable forestry programmes in New Zealand.

Contact us today to buy a care package online for someone you care about that is thoughtful, environmentally friendly, and guilt-free.

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