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We have created a unique style with a modern touch!  We provide, simplicity, variety, quality, consistency and great service. We provide the personal touch from our wrapping, ribbon tying, hand written cards, to the thoughtful planning and presentation of each gift box.  We want your recipient to be wowed!


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We believe in supporting local and many of our products are made right here in Noosa! We source products from all over Australia as well as new products from New Zealand.

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We have sourced companies that love helping the environment such as Surfing Green,Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO and Thurlby, just to name a few.

Christmas Gift Box Australia

A Christmas Gift Box in Australia Is Perfect for Everyone

If you’re concerned about choosing the right gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season, a Christmas gift box in Australia can be the perfect solution. Christmas may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many people, it’s also the most stressful. You never know what to get anyone, from business contacts to friends to family members. Never fear – Xmas gift baskets in Australia are available in a wide range of styles and sizes with suitable options for everyone on your list. Rapt in a Box solves your gifting woes with personal, memorable gifts for your clients, staff, friends, and family.

Christmas Cheer Gift Hamper by Rapt in a Box

Benefits of Sending a Christmas Gift Box

When the Christmas season rolls around, it can be tricky to figure out what to give all the people on your list. Particularly when you don’t know someone very well and aren’t sure what they’ll like, it’s hard to find an appropriate gift that they’ll enjoy and that also sends a thoughtful message. Here are some of the benefits of sending Christmas gift baskets in Australia.

  • They spread goodwill. The simple act of giving a gift and spreading a message of goodwill is something that there just isn’t enough of in our hurried lives. This lack is particularly true in the business world, making gift baskets a wonderful idea for your clients, suppliers, or business associates. Your gift box can let your recipient know that you care.
  • They send a message of value. Everyone appreciates feeling valued. Giving a thoughtful gift sends the message loud and clear that you value the recipient. To drive home the message of value, the gift you choose should be one that takes into account the recipient’s likes and dislikes – and when you aren’t sure what those are, you can’t go wrong with a Xmas care package.
  • They can boost morale. Letting your employees know that you appreciate them can have a powerful effect. Recognising someone for the assets they bring to your workplace by giving them a gift is always a welcoming and positive move. There are many different types of gift baskets available so that you can find the perfect option for anyone.
  • They can help strengthen relationships. Building and maintaining relationships is a vital part of operating a successful business or having a healthy social life. Giving gifts is a great way to strengthen the relationships in your personal or professional life. When you buy Christmas gift baskets, you’re choosing a versatile and thoughtful present that’s suitable for any type of relationship.
  • They make an impression. When you send someone a gift, you make an instant impression on them that they will remember. The first impression is important, but you want more than that – you want people to notice and remember you for all the right reasons. A gift basket is perfect for this because it includes a variety of items to be used over some time.

Tips Regarding Xmas Gift Baskets

With so many gift basket options; how do you know how to choose the right one for your recipient? Here are a few tips to help you give the perfect gift to each person on your list.

  • Consider the person’s interests. Is the recipient someone who values products that help protect the environment? Do they live for coffee or love chocolate? Would they enjoy wine, bath products, sweets, or stuffed animals? Think about what the person will get the most enjoyment out of and look for a basket that features it.
  • Buy a gift for a specific event. There are so many reasons to give gifts. Are you looking for a Christmas gift box online? Has your recipient just had a new baby or bought a house? Are you looking for something to honour one of your parents on Mother’s or Father’s Day? Are you celebrating a new business merger?
  • Find out whether your recipient is a drinker. For adults 18 and up who enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and then, gifts of wine and beer are always welcome. Look for baskets that contain boozy treats, such as our Beer, Nuts, and Chocolate basket for him or our It’s Wine O’clock basket for her.
  • When in doubt, give food. Everyone eats – and just about everyone loves decadent treats. We offer a wide variety of gift hampers filled with beer, wine, candy, coffee, cookies, hot chocolate, nuts, olives, and other snacks, along with fun extras such as wooden plates and cheese knives to help your friends pamper themselves on a special day.
The Joy of Christmas Gift Hamper by Rapt in a Box
Christmas Cheer Gift Box by Rapt in a Box

Related Services We Provide to Christmas Gift Baskets

Rapt in a Box offers a range of gift baskets for all occasions. Along with Christmas baskets, we also supply:

  • Wedding baskets. Is someone you know getting hitched? You can share in their happiness by sending a wedding gift hamper. Pamper the happy couple with a Bathroom Bliss basket, complete with scented body wash, a stonewash clay hand towel, and a lovely stoneware bud vase. Or welcome them to their new life with a Warm Welcome basket, filled with wine, chocolate, and a romantic candle.
  • Real estate baskets. Do you know someone who has just bought a new house, and you want to give them a thoughtful housewarming gift? Help celebrate their exciting event with a gift basket such as our Best Day Ever basket, which we fill with two gold wine tumblers, an eco-friendly candle, scented hand and body lotion, and more. Or choose our Comforts of Home basket with a tempting mix of cookies, coffee, chocolate, and macadamia nuts.
  • Valentine’s Day baskets. Go romantic with our Bloomin’ Beautiful basket, which features flowers, wine, and sweets for your sweet; or give the gift of a Love Letters basket: a lovely gift for an earthy or artsy type that contains a metal pen gift box, an A6 lined notebook, a reusable ceramic cup, and a plantable card. Your recipient can plant the gift card and produce oregano, swan river daisy, or bottlebrush.

About Rapt in a Box

Rapt in a Box supplies Christmas gift baskets online along with many other gift hampers for all different occasions (including “just because”). We deliver our baskets Australia wide, with free delivery on orders over $150. We use the highest-quality materials and products, including recyclable packaging. We also support local businesses by featuring their products in our gift hampers. Our baskets are the perfect surprise for any occasion and a great alternative to flowers when you want to send something unique. We always aim to go above and beyond when it comes to our service – your recipient will love their gift, and we’ll deliver it on time. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone you know, look no further than Rapt in a Box. Contact us here with any questions.

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