Our Point of Difference

We have created a unique style with a modern touch!  We provide, simplicity, variety, quality, consistency and great service. We provide the personal touch from our wrapping, ribbon tying, hand written cards, to the thoughtful planning and presentation of each gift box.  We want your recipient to be wowed!


We Support Local

We believe in supporting local and many of our products are made right here in Noosa! We source products from all over Australia as well as new products from New Zealand.

Environmentally Conscious

We have sourced companies that love helping the environment such as Surfing Green,Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO and Thurlby, just to name a few.

Gift Baskets

We Have Beautiful Gift Baskets for Anyone Special in Your Life

If you are looking for beautiful gift baskets that come in a variety of choices, we have everything you need. Whether you want to buy it for your significant other, a family member or friend, or your employees, we can provide. Choose Rapt in a Box and get the perfect gift basket for any occasion.

A Natural Selection Gift Basket by Rapt in a Box

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors When You Need Gift Baskets in Australia

We put together a few reasons below to explain why we believe we are a step ahead of the competition and thus your best choice when you want to buy gift baskets online:

  • We always provide high quality boxes that are safe for the environment. Providing you with a gift choice that utilises sustainable products made in environmentally friendly ways is important to us. We use recycled packaging boxes and secure our gifts in unsoiled wood wool, that’s 100 percent free from chemicals, manufactured from poplar or untreated pine from sustainable New Zealand forestry.
  • We believe in sourcing products for our gifts that also support environmentally friendly initiatives. We have sourced high quality products that are organic, natural, BPA-, and aluminium-free as well as baby-safe.
  • We have sourced companies that support environmentally friendly initiatives such as Soak Society, Surfing Green, The Wandering Artist, Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO, Thurlby, and more. We want you to have the peace of mind you need knowing that when you buy from us, you support businesses that want to help the environment.
  • We emphasise supporting local businesses because we want to help strengthen the Australian workforce whenever we have the opportunity. Many of our products come straight from Noosa or the Sunshine Coast.
  • We also have imported products for those looking for something luxurious. Expect to find brushes from Germany, towels from Turkey, baby goods from Italy, and even handmade scarves from Laos.
  • We make reaching out to us super simple! Every gift box comes with a card containing all our details, but you can plant it. We would love to hear from you whether you have feedback, want to suggest new items we can add to our gift range, have a question, or want some advice. Getting in touch with us should always be simple because your satisfaction is a top priority.

When it comes to our gift boxes, we choose every item meticulously to ensure every basket is as special as you would expect. We do not do simple, boring gifts when you want to order gift baskets. We do breathtaking and nothing less.

Products We Can Provide Should You Want Quality Gift Baskets

Here are a few quick examples of options we have available when you want to buy gift baskets:

  • We can provide corporate gift hampers that include delectable food, wine, and beer. These hampers include Australian gourmet food from local businesses for individuals or groups. We can also create gifts designed and branded for your business. We even have options for your virtual events to ensure everyone attending still feels at home.
  • If you need care packages, we can provide these as a great alternative to flowers. It’s an easy, thoughtful way to show someone that you are thinking of them during a difficult time. You could also use these packages to boost staff morale when you feel it necessary.
  • We have beautiful Christmas hampers available, packed with delicious gourmet artisan treats for individuals or to share. Using our hampers to surprise someone and to indulge in the Christmas spirit always lifts the mood.
  • We have client appreciation gifts available as well. These gifts are always a perfect option when you want to show your appreciation through a gift. You can use these to say thank you, congratulations, anniversaries, promotions, to welcome a new member into a close friend’s family, or even as a wedding gift.

Ensure you order gift baskets online from the team that can provide it all. Whether you need corporate gift hampers, care packages, Christmas hampers, or even client appreciation gifts, you will find it here. When you choose our services, you will always give gifts that put a smile on the receiver’s face.

The Joy of Christmas Gift Hamper by Rapt in a Box

About Us and Our Gift Baskets Online

Our team works hard to deliver the beautiful gifts you would expect consistently. Whether you want to give one of our hampers to someone special, a family member, your employees to show your appreciation, or to congratulate someone on a significant milestone such as a promotion or an engagement, talk to us. We pride ourselves on actively looking for new sustainable products to add to our hampers so you can always have new options available to you.

Get those whom you care about the gift packages that suit any occasion. Call us today and let our teams provide suitable suggestions for your gifting requirements.

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