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We have created a unique style with a modern touch!  We provide, simplicity, variety, quality, consistency and great service. We provide the personal touch from our wrapping, ribbon tying, hand written cards, to the thoughtful planning and presentation of each gift box.  We want your recipient to be wowed!


We Support Local

We believe in supporting local and many of our products are made right here in Noosa! We source products from all over Australia as well as new products from New Zealand.

Environmentally Conscious

We have sourced companies that love helping the environment such as Surfing Green,Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO and Thurlby, just to name a few.

Gift Box Australia

How COVID Revitalised The Gift Box in Australia

There is a unique role for the gift box in Australia right now. Our employees, business partners, and industry friends are working in isolated and challenging new conditions. Even at the best of times, we can feel that our optimism is being tested. Validating and rewarding that optimism can mean everything for small and medium businesses in Australia.

A Friend in Need Gift Box by Rapt in a Box

The Particular Importance of a Quality Gift Box in 2020

To buy a gift box in Aus during a pandemic may not appear the most appropriate response for a business. However, it can powerfully connect and resonate with the experience of employees and business owners right now.

  • So, what makes a pandemic the perfect time to order a gift box?
    The value of feeling counted and appreciated. We can all sympathise with the fear of pay cuts or retentions that loom over employees of every description, or the tension and occasional panic of today’s business owners. You cannot underestimate the experience of opening your emails in the morning or arriving at your office expecting bad news and instead finding a beautiful token of someone’s support or appreciation.
  • You can order a quality gift box online and have it delivered. It has never been a better time for online shopping, and the delivery aspect of online shopping is a big part of that. Don’t waste any time ensuring that a gift box is branded or professionally designed. Just pick the most appropriate box for the context and let the service guarantee the rest.
  • It projects, stylishly, that you appreciate the hard work of your employees and your loyalty to your suppliers, partners, and friends in business. During a time when your business relationships and the mood and culture of your staff is so critically important, being able to show your appreciation for hard work and good friends can be enormously influential.

Always remember the function of your gift box. Are you trying to tell employees that you appreciate the hard work and sacrifices they have made in the service of your business? Are you hoping to show a loyal supplier that you value their support at a time when you cannot afford to place the usual number of orders?

Think about what you are trying to achieve and choose a product that will make the right impression. If you are having any trouble imagining what to include in your gift, take a moment to get some inspiration.

How to Get The Most Value Out Of a Gift Box in Aus

You should now understand the value that expressing your support or appreciation can have. But what should you do to get the results you want?

  • If you want secure relationships with your best customers, buy them a gift box that reflects quality. Your loyal customers represent your most reliable source of revenue, which is now more valuable than ever before. You want to do the most you can to secure their continued business, so your gift should make them feel special and reflect the value and status you place on them.
  • If you want to reassure and show your appreciation to your employees, pamper them. When people start feeling less secure, their focus shifts to the necessities, and they’re not as likely to splash out on personal luxuries, which immediately makes a gift a more powerful. The best part is that when your employees sink into that luxurious bubble bath or use those beautiful grooming kits, they will associate that pleasant and unexpected experience with you.
  • If you want to reinforce your relationships in your industry, buy something that shows people you have their backs. This can be something related to them or the industry in which you operate, as long as it shows that you understand their tensions and are thinking about how you might be able to support them.

If you want to buy a gift box online to achieve any of these goals, you already understand the value of thinking from inside someone else’s shoes. The anxiety of working in a disrupted and uncertain time makes regular business much more difficult. Being able to make people feel understood, appreciated, and supported, either as a service provider or an employer, is now more powerful than ever.

Natural Habitat Gift Box by Rapt in a Box

About Rapt in a Box

Rapt in a Box aims to deliver over and above your expectations. What else would you expect from a company entrusted with expressing your appreciation to those most important to you?

We design, create, and deliver professional gift boxes that align with your brand and create perfect moments for your clients. Every gift we send is packaged and personalised with the highest levels of care and attention to detail.

We use recycled materials and support local businesses by using their products in our boxes. Reach out to us to find out more or make enquiries.

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