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We have created a unique style with a modern touch!  We provide, simplicity, variety, quality, consistency and great service. We provide the personal touch from our wrapping, ribbon tying, hand written cards, to the thoughtful planning and presentation of each gift box.  We want your recipient to be wowed!


We Support Local

We believe in supporting local and many of our products are made right here in Noosa! We source products from all over Australia as well as new products from New Zealand.

Environmentally Conscious

We have sourced companies that love helping the environment such as Surfing Green,Saya, Cedar + Stone, BBBYO and Thurlby, just to name a few.

Wedding Gift Box

Congratulations Are in Order with the Ideal Wedding Gift Box

No wedding ceremony would be complete without a gift to help the lucky couple celebrate. You could spend hours wondering what the most appropriate gift would be, but the easy, modern option is a wedding gift box.

Bride & Bride Wedding

Little-Known Facts About Weddings

The institution of marriage and wedding ceremonies have come a long way to get to our modern celebrations of love and union.

  • It’s all in the word. A wedding signifies a promise of union between two people, and appropriately, the word ‘wedding’ originally meant ‘promise’. Wedding comes from the Old English word ‘weddian’, which means ‘to pledge oneself to do something’ or ‘vow.’
  • Jumping the broom is a tradition during which a couple jumps over a broomstick together or separately. This curious wedding ritual appears across cultures as divergent as Celtic traditions and African-American slave communities. In the Southern United States in the 1840s, it was a common ceremony at a time when slaves could only marry illegally.
  • Queen Victoria brought us the white wedding. The term ‘white wedding’ refers to the traditional view of the wedding in the West today based on the traditional white wedding dress. However, this practice is fairly recent: when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, she made the bold choice of wearing a white gown, a trend which many women copied.

Tips for the Ideal Wedding Gift

Originally, wedding gifts took the form of a dowry, which the bride’s family paid. Dowries typically included land, money, and animals. None of these things is in high demand as wedding gifts today, so here are some other ideas:

  • Sharing is caring. You can spoil the newlyweds with a luxury item by pitching in as a group. This strategy is a particularly clever way to buy practical gifts for long-term household use. A practical gift such as an appliance provides an ideal way for the couple to start their new life together by building their home.
  • Traditional does not go out of fashion. You might think that kitchen, bed, and bath gifts are old-fashioned, but keep in mind that the newlyweds are not only starting their shared life but often establishing a new home, too. If you don’t know what to get, you can combine a few versatile items into wedding care packages or wedding gift baskets. Rapt in a Box makes this process as easy as can be.
  • Make it personal. There are many creative ways to make a gift more personal. Photos are particularly handy in this regard—the possibilities range from an old-fashioned scrapbook to a modern video compilation. If you don’t have time to make something, buy a wedding gift box filled with delightful goodies that remind you of the couple.
Groom & Groom Gift Card

About Rapt in a Box

Rapt in a Box is more than just a gift—it is a philosophy. Because no gift should be a burden, we believe in sourcing excellent-quality products that are environmentally friendly. We offer a range of creative gifts that we have conveniently and beautifully packaged. Contact us to make someone’s special day just a dash more special.

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