Hampers Sunshine Coast - supporting local artisans!

Hampers Sunshine Coast  - supporting local artisans!
Rapt in a Box proudly supports local Sunshine Coast and Australian fine food producers, wine makers, brewers, and chocolatiers. Each hamper is carefully designed to introduce you to a handpicked selection of the local brands and arterisians.
Whether you are seeking a gift for a celebration, treating yourself or building client relationships, If you love supporting locals as much as we do, you’ll love exploring our range of hampers in the Sunshine Coast.
We use Sunshine Coast and Australian Made Products!

If you like knowing where what you’re buying comes from then the thought of supporting local Australian and Sunshine Coast companies will definitely be music to your ears. This also means you will stand out with products that are completely unique.
The products we use come from businesses that share our love of sustainability and community also. Just a few of these brands and their highlights include:
  • Clandestino Coffee -  values and prioritizes environmental, ethical and sustainable practices;
  • Eumundi Honey - sourced from free-range bee farms in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland;
  • Heads of Noosa Beer - family owned, crafted and brewed in Noosa with a keen focus on reducing their environmental footprint;
  • Nutworks - based in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast they prioritize quality and innovation;
  • Saya Skincare Noosa - entirely Australian owned and made, all products are also vegan and cruelty-free, so you can get beautiful skin and peace of mind;
  • The Tea Shop Noosa - sourced organically and sustainably, roasted in small batches and then packaged with materials that are recycled, reusable and compostable.
This is just a tiny sample of the local Sunshine Coast based products that we include in our hampers. I am sure you can now understand why we support local businesses but if for some reason you still need convincing let’s go into more detail.
Why supporting local is best

Better for the planet 

Who doesn’t love our planet? The best way to show Mother Earth we love her is to reduce the negative impacts we are having on the environment. We need to bolster our planet instead of continually tearing it down.
Supporting local businesses that share this passion is a great way to give yourself or your friends great quality, unique products while also giving back to our planet. Mass production companies generally have money at the forefront of their business model, whereas local companies tend to have the environment higher on their priority list.
The products in our hampers are all sourced and packaged sustainably, organically, cruelty-free and what’s even better is the businesses also focus on having a smaller environmental footprint.


Better for you 

Are you the kind of person that reads the nutritional tables on everything before you put it in your trolley? If so, then the health benefits associated with shopping locally will be a major green light for you.
Your personal health is as important as that of the planet, and in many ways they go hand-in-hand. Organic products, sourced free of pesticides and chemicals don’t just sound healthier, they really are. Pesticides and chemicals are designed specifically to kill or deter bacteria and bugs, so it just stands to reason that they deter us too.
Another major benefit of supporting local businesses is you know exactly where their products come from and what is in them. Everything is made and packaged free of preservatives and unknown filler ingredients.
Support local, support you.


Better for your community

I know previously I alluded to local businesses not thinking in dollars as much, but the unfortunate fact of life is that it is a major factor for all of us. Money makes the world go round. So, why not funnel your hard earned cash into the communities that you spend the most time in? You won’t regret it.
The more you put into your community the more you will get out of it. Whether the community in question is a region like our beautiful Sunshine Coast or as broad as the entire country of Australia, it still counts as local.
Money, also - quite unfortunately - does not grow on trees, unlike many of the products we offer. Money is earned through hard work at physical day-to-day jobs, so we need to keep the job market open and growing. The easiest way to ensure jobs are available locally is to ensure there are business opportunities and loyal customers in Australia and its communities.
Shop Sunshine Coast hampers

We care for the environment and sustainability just as much as each of the companies we source products from. Each of our Sunshine Coast hampers are packaged using locally produced recycled cardboard boxes and wood wool. They each also include a business card with enclosed seeds.
Now that you understand the many benefits of supporting local businesses you can do exactly that by purchasing any of our hampers which are carefully crafted right here in Noosa on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.
All hamper purchases include free standard delivery Australia wide. However, if you’re the kind of person that always leaves ordering gifts to the last minute or if you’re just impatient, take advantage of our express postage for just $10.
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