We now offer Food & Alcohol!

We now offer Food & Alcohol!
Happy New Year to everyone!
We had a busy Christmas/New Year period with gift boxes being sent all over Australia for birthdays, clients, well wishes and gifts just to say thank you! I just love that fact that we can be part of making someone's day, with a beautiful gift that we have prepared with love!
Rapt in a Box are excited to start the year with a new range of quality products including ceramics by Kim Wallace, Coffee, Tea and Chocolates by Clandestino's, Kitchen products by Barkly Basics, a range of food products.....all naturally Australian made and deliciously healthy, and we also have a selection of Wine, Beer & Bubbles which will be added very shortly.  We have handmade Relishes, Chutneys, Curry mixes, Biltong, Biscuits, Chocolate, Olives, Garnishes, Pastes, and Crispbreads.....perfect for every occasion.
We made the decision to add food and wine to allow customers to be able to share their gifts with loved ones, colleagues, family etc.  We are excited to be able to add these offerings and will continue to expand with different products as we grow! We have gifts from $40 to $24.
I have attached a few photos of some of our new range.  These include (starting from Left to Right) Celebrate without a Headache $55, Tea & Toast for Two $210, Coffee Lovers $157, Breakfast in Bed $177, Kitchen Basics $65, Mini Just add Cheese $40, Large Just Add Cheese $82, and Noosa River Picnic $98.  Check out the rest of our new gift boxes under Home / Real Estate on our website.
Celebrate without the Headache Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxTea & Toast for Two Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxCoffee Lovers Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxBreakfast in Bed Gift Box by Rapt in a Box
Kitchen Basics Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxMini Just Add Cheese Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxJust add Cheese Gift Box by Rapt in a BoxNoosa River Picnic by Rapt in a Box

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